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Point Cook Pop Up Park

Activities For Everyone There's something for everyone at the Point Cook Pop Up Park. Bring your friends and family down to enjoy a wide range of daily activities. Grab a bite at one of the eateries and restaurants lining the streets. Listen to some live music. Bring a picnic rug or beanbag … Read More

The Museum of Australasia and the Pacific.

A Precinct Structure Plan is soon to be created for the land formerly known as the Point Cook ex Green Wedge as a first step in determining how the land could be used. When Wyndham City Council originally suggested to the State Government, around three years ago, that the land should be … Read More

Point Cook’s Green Wedge – where are we now?

In 2011, in response to the State Government request for 'Logical Inclusion' submissions by outer metropolitan councils concerning land which could be included within the Urban Growth Boundary, Wyndham City Council offered the Point Cook Green Wedge. A key part of Council’s submission was that … Read More

Point Cook Schools at Breaking Point

If you’re a parent of school aged children in Point Cook, you’ll be acutely aware that the situation with public schools is at breaking point. We now have four Prep to Year nine campuses, and one senior school, which accommodates Year 10-12 students. Most of these schools are at or over … Read More

Point Cook Action Group Announces New Working Groups

The Point Cook Action Group has recently formed Working Groups to tackle specific issues within Point Cook. The purpose of the groups is to bring together both PCAG members and non-PCAG community members to work together towards certain goals, focusing on specific issues they are passionate … Read More

Point Cook Action Group 2017 New Board

A new Board was confirmed at the start of 2017   Board Member Positions:   President – Bob Fairclough Secretary – Christine McPherson Treasurer – Acting Liz Thompson General Board Members: Susan McIntyre Sara Mitchell Roma Pederson Senthill … Read More

Point Cook South “Logical Inclusions” Public Meeting Outcomes

As many of you are now well aware, late last year Wyndham City Council (WCC) proposed to the State Government that Point Cook’s Green Wedge should be a ‘logical inclusion’ to be rezoned into Victoria’s urban growth boundary. Residents of Point Cook, other suburbs in Wyndham and … Read More

The Green Wedge Under Threat – all is NOT lost!

In October 2010, the State Government funded several Victorian councils, including Wyndham, to develop and write Green Wedge Management Plans. The first initiative was to: "Implement new planning scheme provisions to secure the protection of metropolitan green wedges in the planning system." … Read More

Our Green Wedge: “The Lungs Of Point Cook”

At 8 degrees Celsius, it was a freezing winter's morning at the Point Cook Town Centre. Even when the rain started, it did not deter our concerned residents and environmentalists from supporting the "Save Point Cook's Green Wedge Protest Meeting" rally. There were approximately 30 people in … Read More

Census Data Released – What Does Point Cook’s Data Mean For The Future Of Our Suburb?

The 2011 Census data are starting to be released. I have taken a look at the QuickStats for Point Cook and have provided an overview of that data below. In August 2011 there were 32,413 people living in Point Cook,  approximately a 220% increase from the data five years earlier, supporting … Read More