A Purpose Built Fenced Off-Lead Dog Facility To Be Built In Point Cook

We all know the bigger issues that the residents of Point Cook are actively campaigning for, schools & roads etc, but there is one facility that doesn’t rate much of a mention, unless you are an animal lover and dog owner.

There are too many reports of “vicious” dog attacks in the news. Socialising your dog is part of being a responsible dog owner and can assist in reducing these types of attacks. Dogs need to learn what behaviour is acceptable, similarly to children, and off lead play is the only way that they can do this successfully.

Go anywhere in Victoria, and the facilities for dog owners and their charges are fabulous. From open stretches of beach on the Mornington Peninsula, to fenced doggy havens in the west, there are so many fabulous areas for people to exercise and socialise their animals off lead.

It wasn’t until I got involved with Fostering and Dog Rescue that I realised there were no suitable facilities in Point Cook.

Some of the dogs I have fostered to date have not had the opportunity to be around other dogs, and learn to play. Along with teaching the dog manners (e.g. sit, stay, etc) this is an essential part of the fostering process in order to find them a suitable new home. With this in mind, it made my job very difficult to get these dogs to an acceptable standard for rehoming without the facilities available.

There was a space put aside at Skeleton Creek, however due to its condition and location, I was taking my charges to Hobsons Bay or the back of Werribee in order to meet likeminded people for off lead play.

Skeleton Creek is unsuitable for the following reasons:

  • Floods in winter
  • Snakes in summer
  • Known dumping ground for rubbish
  • No bins or facilities
  • No fencing
  • Too close to busy roads
  • And just last week a jaw trap was set and caught a fox that later needed to be euthanised

Over the last 12 months, myself & the PCAG have campaigned heavily for a suitable off-lead area in Point Cook.

Submissions were made to Council in the latter half of last year for the 2012/13 budget for inclusion of a purpose built off lead area that would be secure and contain the facilities needed for its use.

In the December Council meeting it was determined that Alamanda Oval, a pre existing facility, would be used as a trial off lead area. We took this as being immediately available, and started using it as such.

A group of up to 30 residents were gathering up at the oval of an evening after the footballers had finished training to let their dogs exercise and socialise. Tips and hints of products and training for dogs were swapped and a little community was born. Unfortunately after about three months we were notified that the trial had not yet in fact commenced and would be subject to public input, with notification of the outcome presented in May. As a result, we were to cease use immediately. This was devastating to the dog owners of Point Cook, especially those who had begun to build friendships. Since then, we have not had a location in Point Cook to gather, which by all reports has made a massive difference to animal behaviour!

However we are pleased to announce that as a result of submissions to the Council for the 2012/13 budget and individual letters to Council from residents explaining their issues, needs and desires, Point Cook will be getting a purpose built off-lead area with fencing, seats, trees, drinking facilities, bins and bags.

Around $92,000 will be spent on this project and will be located in the Saltwater Reserve part of Point Cook Road. The benefits of this being a purpose built facility means that there should be no tension between dog owners and non dog owners about the use of the area.

We have requested Council forward a map that outlines where the oval will be located and the facilities to be provided.

Further to this announcement, it has been determined that the Alamanda sports oval on Prudence Parade will be opened up as an off lead area on a 12 month trial basis between 6am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Signs will be erected and bins/bags put in.

The hours are obviously not ideal for most residents as they outside Point Cook during these times, so it is recommended people with any further suggestions or queries send them to council for further consideration. Residents have until the 11th June to make their opinions known.

The Point Cook Action Group is very excited by this development as it shows that persistence for a local cause will pay off in the end. We hope to inform the residents as to the progress of this area as we are notified.

Feel free to share below why you think an off-lead dog area in Point Cook will be great for our community.


  1. What a great win for our animal loving residents. Alamanda park is just not suitable for those who work and cant get there between 6am and 3pm. Well done all those involved!

  2. Miriam Spiess says

    Well done Suzanne on your submission and all those who wrote letters this is a big win for all the furry residents and their parents.

  3. This sounds wonderful!