Are You Adhering To The Council’s Nature Strip Policy?


Image Courtesy of Impactiv8

A quick walk around the neighbourhood reveals that there are several residents within our community that are not adhering to the council’s beautification of nature strips policy.  This may just be because they are not aware of the details of the policy.

Well ignorance is not bliss – at least not for your neighbours that are doing the right thing!

Luckily PCAG is here to educate.  Did you know that:

“Generally Wyndham City does not carry out maintenance of nature strips except where it plants street trees which are cared for and maintained by Wyndham City.  The usual practice is for residents of abutting properties to maintain nature strips by regular mowing, edging turf, weeding and picking up litter.”

So why not download the Wyndham City Beautification of Nature Strips Policy (adopted April 2008), give it a quick read and then do what you can to ensure you are complying as failure to maintain a nature strip can result in the resident receiving a “notice to comply” and then subsequently being subject to Court proceedings if they continue to fail to comply.

You could be at risk if:

  • The condition of the nature strip is a traffic or pedestrian hazard; or
  • It does not provide appropriate pedestrian access; or
  • It is a safety or fire hazard; or
  • It interferes with the visibility of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians at intersections, curves in the road and near driveways; or
  • Impacts unfavourably and significantly on the local amenity.

Don’t risk it.  Download and have a quick read of the Wyndham City Beautification of Nature Strips Policy.