Point Cook Action Group “Treasure Hunt”

TREASURE HUNT Jamieson Way Community Centre Market Day

When : Sunday 5th August 2018

Start Time : 10.00 AM

Finish Time: 2.30 PM followed by prize draw.

PCAG advocate passionately for our suburb and we want to share some of its hidden treasures with the community.

We have prepared a fun, self-guided tour for teams to explore our suburb, finding clues before returning with a completed guidebook to be in a grand prize draw.


(This is not a race, there is plenty of time for leisurely exploration)

Come and meet Captain Gutbucket in his Pirate Grotto at 9.30 am, prior to the official start, at Jamieson Way Community Centre.  After you have received the guidebook, decide your route and navigate safely to find the answers to the clues. Return your guidebook to our marquee at Jamieson Way Community Market to be in the prize draw.


  • The Point Cook Treasure Hunt is not a race: there is no advantage in driving quickly.
  • Participants must drive according to Victorian Road Rules and take care of other vehicles and pedestrians, particularly when exiting and entering car parks and when collecting “treasure”.
  • Point Cook Action Group accepts no responsibility for personal injuries or damage to vehicles whilst participating in this event.
  • Teams will follow the instructions in their allotted documentation.
  • Any participant tampering with clues, damaging or defacing property will be disqualified with their team.
  • Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the judges. No refunds will be given.

Team Registration document or alternatively fill the below details and click submit : TreasureHunt_RegistrationDoc


Register on line, pay your $10 entry fee by Paypal and come prepared for an enjoyable day around Point Cook.

Click on the “buy now” button to register!
Please note once you have made payment the following will occur:
  1. You will be emailed a PayPal receipt to your registered PayPal email address.

Point Cook Action Group Announces New Working Groups

Pencils on a blank notebookThe Point Cook Action Group has recently formed Working Groups to tackle specific issues within Point Cook. The purpose of the groups is to bring together both PCAG members and non-PCAG community members to work together towards certain goals, focusing on specific issues they are passionate about.

This is a very exciting new development within the PCAG, one which we believe will help bring our members together with the community.

The groups are as follows:

We are looking for more people to become involved, no matter how big or small the contribution. If you would like to be involved or would like more information, please contact us via info@pcag.org.au

Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

We look forward to this new step in our aim to help make Point Cook the fantastic place we all want to live in!

Are You Coming To The Point Cook Action Group Meet And Greet?

Point Cook Action Group (PCAG) is having a “Meet and Greet”night at Gypsy Road on the evening of Friday 23 March 2012.

This is your opportunity to meet members of the PCAG in a social setting to informally discuss local issues. This event is open to anyone that wishes to come and is a great opportunity for members of the community to get together to build on the fantastic community spirit that Point Cook already possesses.

There will be a free drink provided for everyone that chooses to join PCAG on the night.

PCAG is pleased to see that one of its own members, Nick Michaelides, has taken it upon himself to promote this event by telling his story as to why the work of PCAG is important to him as a resident of Point Cook. Nick has created a Flyer promoting this event and is placing it on the windscreens of cars parked at the over-crowded Laverton station.

Feel free to make copies of Nick’s story Flyer promoting this event and hand it out to any local residents you feel may be interested in attending this event and/or making Point Cook a better suburb.

Please RSVP to this event so we have a rough indication of numbers.

Clean Up Australia Day 2012 – Point Cook Locations

Recently, there has been a lot of “noise” from many Point Cook residents and media attention regarding the amount of rubbish that is being dumped on nature strips, vacant blocks of land, building sites and as part of our beautiful waterways and open park lands.  Well, why not group together and do something productive about it?

Clean Up Australia Day is on again Sunday 4 March 2012.  This event provides the perfect opportunity for the community to pull together and re-establish some neighborhood pride in our beloved Point Cook, whilst at the same time meeting some other residents.  It is great to see that already three of our residents have taken it upon themselves to setup Clean Up Australia Day sites within Point Cook.  The sites and the residents that should be commended are as follows:

Persons interested in  supporting this great cause should click on one of the above links and select either “join this site” or “donate now”.  On each of the site pages you will find the details of the start and finish times, meeting points and contact details for the Site Coordinators so you can contact them directly for further details.

It is good to see that some of the sites already have volunteers, but the numbers are quite low at present and they desperately require many more Point Cook residents to volunteer if they are to make a significant improvement on the day.

The Clean Up Australia Day campaign is not restricted to the one day and public spaces, with the following events being organised as part of the campaign:

If you are unable to support any of the above campaigns, why not use this event as a good excuse to give your house or property the once over and make use of the many options available within Wyndham City for the removal of rubbish.

So what are you waiting for?  Head to the Clean Up Australia Day website and register your involvement for one of the Point Cook clean up sites. Come back here once you have registered and let us know where you will be on the day, and please share this information with other Point Cook Residents so that we can get as many people as possible involved in this great community event.