Crime Prevention and Fire Safety In Our Community

In the past few months there have been many articles and discussions between residents regarding the increase of crime in our community.  Vice President of the PCAG Glenn Rowlands together with Cr Bob Fairclough invited Senior Sergeant John Johnson and Senior Sergeant Gary Drummond to join us last April to discuss these issues. On the agenda were home safety, car safety, community safety, graffiti and vandalism.

Sergeant John Johnson pointed out that even though crime is on the rise, the numbers are in correlation to the population growth and is no worse than other areas of Melbourne. Wyndham’s population 13 years ago was 80,000 and it has now grown to 180,000. Despite this reassurance that we don’t have a crime epidemic on our doorsteps, residents are still concerned and we all want to feel safe in our homes and our community. Senior Sergeant John Johnson and Senior Sergeant Gary Drummond discussed some useful tips to decrease crime and the importance of neighbourhood watch. They also stated that Police cannot be everywhere and community awareness of crime prevention, together with working alongside the Police, is the best possible defence in keeping our community safe. Since that meeting Glen Rowlands has set up a Facebook page Point Cook Crime Prevention & Neighbourhood Watch to help begin that process.

Another area of concern over the last few years is the number of house fires we have witnessed in Point Cook. The Hon Peter Ryan, Emergency Services Minister, recently stated that “the risk of house fires during winter increases by 20%”.   We know that the thought of a house fire strikes fear in most of us; it is the very reason why information on fire safety is so important. Cr Glenn Goodfellow, Deputy Mayor Wyndham City Council, who is a Volunteer Fire Fighter with CFA Truganina has been assisting the PCAG with information on fire prevention. He stated to us that “it is essential to be well informed and prepared in the protection of our homes or in the event of a fire”.

PCAG are serious about crime prevention and fire safety as well as empowering the local community with the knowledge on how to do so:

We are pleased to announce a free Crime Prevention and Fire Safety Community Night to be held on Tuesday 24th of July 2012 at 7 pm at Point Cook P-9 College.

This will be a fantastic night offering important information and is supported by the Point Cook P-9 College, Wyndham City Council, Werribee Police and the CFA with the following confirmed speakers: Michael Hayes (Principal Point Cook P-9 College), Cr Kim McAliney (Mayor Wyndham City Council), Police Officer Tracy Duhig (Werribee Police), Glen Cockram (CFA) and a representative of the PCAG.

Residents are encouraged to come along to:

  • learn what they can do to keep themselves fire safe within their own homes;
  • learn what they can do to be proactive in crime prevention within their own homes and neighbourhood to reduce crime;
  • show our children and teens that we “grownups” are doing what we can to make their community safe; and
  • send out a strong message that we will not stand for crime in our area and that we are all working together to help keep our community safe.

Further Information regarding this event will be handed out closer to the date in forms of flyers, social media, school newsletters and more. If you are able to attend, please RSVP on-line here or email Please help us spread the word. We look forward to seeing a huge turnout to this important community event.


  1. Cr Glenn Goodfellow says:

    This is an important evernt being hosted and I ask all members of the community to come along to this event.