Gerrard Delvaux

Gerrard Delvaux immigrated to Australia from South Africa with his wife Yvonne and two young children in 2010. Gerrard is a Civil Engineering Consultant working predominantly in land development and associated engineering infrastructure. His focus is construction law and contract administration. Gerrard also has a Masters Degree in Business Leadership.

Having been involved in a community service organization (Round Table International) in South Africa for 10 years, Gerrard appreciates the positive impact that community associations provide, and he is passionate about uniting the Point Cook community to strive for improvements in all aspects that affect our standard of living and property values. In particular, infrastructure and transportation planning in and around Point Cook are critical but Gerrard is also passionate about local employment creation, education and leisure facilities, and improvements to the natural environment – all of which add value to Point Cook and help to make the suburb a destination of choice for Melbourne families.