Get Wyndham Moving; more family time, less travel time

GetWyndhamMovingIn 2012, Wyndham City Council (WCC) were preparing for their City Plan 2013 to 2017 , and surveyed their residents to hear what their ‘Top 4’ major concerns were for the area. The number one priority for most residents was to improve our road and public transport infrastructure. In light of this strong community response, the Get Wyndham Moving Campaign was developed, and Point Cook Action Group members attended the Campaign’s launch on March 20th at 7pm. The Campaign aims to work with the community to lobby the State Government with the upcoming Budget announcement in May, and the State Election in November, in mind.

As any Wyndham resident can attest, we are one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country, and certainly the fastest growing in Victoria. We have over 12,000 new residents making wyndham their home each and every year, and have 80 births here every single week. We have had over a decade of growth in Wyndham, and the infrastructure has not even attempted to keep up with the pace. The entire municipality is overpopulated for the current infrastructure; schools are overflowing, our hospital has to send most maternity cases elsewhere for care, and of course, our roads and public transport system are inadequate and what we do have is bursting at the seams.

Cr Glenn Goodfellow, Transport Champion Alice Osborne, and MC Dave Hughes at the Get Wyndham Moving Launch

Cr Glenn Goodfellow, Transport Champion Alice Osborne, and MC Dave Hughes at the Get Wyndham Moving Launch

The launch on March 20th, boasted over 300 residents in attendance, each with their own unique story at how the lack of infrastructure affects them and their families. Keynote speakers included RACV Roads and Traffic Manager Dave Jones, and Environmental Geographer Rob Gell, who provided their own insights into the issues of congestion and possible ways forward to improve our situation. Ironically, the evening’s MC, Comedian Dave Hughes, was stuck in traffic heading out towards Wyndham, and was late in his arrival. There were also reports of other residents who had hopes of attending, but they too were stuck in traffic and sent in late apologies.

Dave Hughes on Twitter: Stuck in traffic on way to mc gig in Werribee which is in aid of solving traffic congestion in the West. #isthatirony #getwyndhammoving

PCAG members Susan McIntyre and Bernard Reilly at the Get Wyndham Moving Launch

PCAG members Susan McIntyre and Bernard Reilly at the Get Wyndham Moving Launch

There are 12 ‘Transport Champions’ who have been selected by WCC to help spread the word about the campaign, and get more and more residents involved. One of the champions is PCAG’s own Alice Osborne, who featured in the ‘Population Growth Overwhelming Transport‘ segment broadcast on ABC1’s 7:30 Report on March 21st about WCC’s Get Wyndham Moving Campaign. PCAG urges residents to watch this segment, share on their personal Facebook Page, tweet about the campaign using #getwyndhammoving, talk to your neighbours, get out there and make some noise!

Silence equals acceptance

The Transport Champions hope residents of Wyndham will take their complaints further than their lounge room or Facebook page, and join the Campaign. Joining the campaign is easy, and you can find out how to get involved ( at A petition has also been launched, which takes less than a minute to sign.

We all need to stand united as a community to get ourselves heard by the decision makers.

Pencils on a blank notebookResidents are urged to spend 5-10 minutes writing to their local Members of Parliament, and, in particular to the Minister for Roads and Transport, the Hon Terry Mulder. There is a list of relevant politicians to write to at the end of this message. If you’re unsure what to say, just keep it real. Tell them how the lack of road and public transport infrastructure affects you and your family. Ask them what they are going to do about it.

In the words of Margaret Mead “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Get Wyndham Moving!

Federal Parliament
Member for Lalor, Joanne Ryan MP
Shop 2, 36 Synnot St,
Werribee 3030
Ph. 9742 5800
Fax: 9741 6213

State Parliament – Legislative Assembly

Minister for Roads and Public Transport, Terry Mulder
Level 20, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Ph. (03) 8392 6000
Email: terence.mulder@parliament

Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy
Level 20, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Ph. 8392 6075
Fax. 8392 6076

Member for Altona, Jill Hennessy
Suite 603, Level 1
2 Main St, Point Cook 3030
Ph. 9395 0221

Member for Lara, John Eren
1st Floor, Corio Village Shopping Centre,
Bacchus Marsh Rd, Corio 3214
Ph. 5275 3898

Member for Tarneit, Tim Pallas
36 Station Plc,Werribee 3030
Ph. 9742 6888


State Parliament -Legislative Council: Western Metropolitan Region

Andrew Elsbury
Shop 1, 662 Old Calder Hwy, Keilor 3036
Ph. 9331 7644

Khalil Eideh
Suite 2, 80 Carmody Dve, Cairnlea 3023
Ph. 9363 1644

Bernie Finn
277 Hampshire Rd,Sunshine 3020
Ph. 9312 1212

Colleen Hartland
75 Victoria St, Seddon 3011
Ph. 9689 6373

Hon. Martin Pakula
231 Hyde St, Yarraville 3013
Ph. 9689 6536