Illegal Dumping – Do You Need to Clean Up Your Act?

Image courtesy of Glenn Rowlands

I get so disappointed when driving around Point Cook and see rubbish dumped all over my beautiful town. I often wonder doesn’t anyone take pride in their own town anymore??? The thing that annoys me the most is this illegal dumping is a completely unnecessary eyesore.

Illegal dumping costs tax payers in Wyndham, (hold on…costs us) over a million dollars a year. However, the greatest cost is that it destroys our image and brings down the value of the area as whole as well as our own homes.

Now as much as I want my town cleaned up I don’t want to go around Point Cook yelling like an angry ogre to achieve that. What I do want to do is to encourage everyone to do the right thing.

What is the right thing? I am glad you asked because I believe that one of the causes of illegal dumping is that not everyone is aware of what is available to them for rubbish removal. Let me clear that up for you now.

Rubbish Removal For Home Owners

Wyndham City provides:

  • Two free tip vouchers that come attached to your annual rates notice.
  • Two pre-booked Hard and Green Waste Collection Services per financial year. Just call Wyndham City on 9742 0777 to book.  Please note that during peak sessions, there may be a minimum wait of 3 weeks so it is best to call first and the prepare for your collection date. There are strict guidelines that need to be adhered to it is best to read the Hard and Green Waste Brochure  prior to commencing your spring clean.

Rubbish Removal For Residents Renting

  • Renters can also get a “new residents kit” from council that includes tip tokens.

Where is our local Tip RDF (Refuse Disposal Facility)?

Residents can visit the Werribee Tip (RDF), which has very reasonable fees:

Wests Rd, Werribee (Melway Ref: 243 7E)
Enquiries: 9742 0777

Opening Times
Weekdays: 8am-4pm
Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays: 8.30am-4pm
Closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day & Good Friday.

Say NO MORE to illegally dumpers, what you can do to help

Lets clean up our town by Joining  the Dumping is Damaging Campaign, working to reduce illegal dumping in Wyndham. This campaign educates residents on how to get rid of waste safely and legally and encourages residents to make a report if they witness someone illegally dumping.

While Wyndham City’s Legislative Services Officers are always on the lookout for people illegally dumping rubbish, they can’t be everywhere, so it’s vital that the community are also vigilant and call if they witness anyone incorrectly disposing of waste.  Illegal dumpers can be fined up to $4000 if caught.

Wyndham City reported to me that “This can be successful, late last year a Hoppers Crossing man was successfully prosecuted for illegal dumping and ordered to pay a $500 fine and $488 in costs at the Werribee Magistrates Court”.

If you witness someone dumping waste illegally record the location, date, time and their car registration and report this as soon as possible to Wyndham City by calling 9742 0777 or completing an online request form. See Have You Got A Customer Service Reference Number From Council? for more information on this process.

As you can see there is NO EXCUSE FOR DUMPING RUBBISH when we a have a free service available to us.

There are always going to be people who think they can flout the law illegally dumping rubbish, but by joining the “Dumping is Damaging Campaign” you don’t need to stand for it anymore. We all need to act responsibly and unite to stamp out illegal dumping to make Point Cook a suburb we are proud to belong to.