Licence to Neglect!

I attended the Transport rally for Wyndham’s roads to be improved organised by Greg Byrne on the weekend.  I have come to the conclusion that even if we could blink and duplicate roads around Wyndham it would do little to fix the traffic congestion in the future. The freeway runs at a pathetic crawl and the Westgate Bridge is crumbling under the weight of the traffic. Duplicating roads around Wyndham may make some of these death traps safer but let’s not kid ourselves we are still growing. There are more developments about to be released in Point Cook and many more across Wyndham, these “duplicated” roads would be beyond capacity before they are even completed.

The fact is politicians love pointing the finger and looking for someone to blame it would be so refreshing if they spent their time trying to find a real solution. Residents don’t want excuses they want action. The real issue is that only about 30% of the population living in Wyndham works in Wyndham. They need to stop building houses and start building jobs in the area. They also need to provide decent, safe, efficient and affordable public transport as well as transfer more freight to rail to reduce the number of heavy vehicles on our roads.

I used to think that the biggest problem with the west was silence, no one speaking out about the blatant neglect but it’s not. The biggest issue we have here is INACTION! The sad thing is I am not talking about the councillors or even the politicians but rather the residents of Wyndham.

The biggest issue we have here is INACTION!

Greg is a passionate Wyndham resident who has been campaigning on the issue of poor roads across Wyndham for years. I would encourage you all to get behind this campaign by joining the Facebook Group Fix Wyndham’s Roads Now! and more importantly, turning up to any of the rally’s organised to physically demonstrate the strength of this campaign through numbers.

I had the impression that with so many people on various Facebook pages and commenting in the papers about the transport/roads issues that finally people were sick of the neglect enough to stand up and do something about it, sadly I was wrong. When push comes to shove and a call to arms is put out as Greg did with the transport rally on the weekend, few new people actually turned up. I wonder whether all these people commenting really do give a dam? Do they want to make a difference? Or are they all just there for a whinge?

I see the same dedicated group of residents who write letters to politicians, attend council meetings, public meetings, PCAG meetings and rally’s to the point where I recognise their family members. Why are we the only ones making the effort when there are so many just making a lot of noise about the issues and then excuses for inaction? It is not like me to be all grumpy and cynical but even I am beginning to question whether or not we wasting our time? Should we too leave it to someone else fix? After all it’s not like we don’t have families, jobs or a busy life as well. It is all good and well to speak up, but sometimes you need to make the effort to turn up too – not always, but at least sometimes.

I believe that the real reason the West is neglected is because few people turn up to make those in power accountable; this gives them the right to turn a blind eye to what is going on and hands them a continued licence to neglect. What are you going to do about that?


  1. Bro Sheffield-Brotherton says

    The biggest problem nearly everywhere most of the time (not just here and now is INACTION). As Margaret Mead once said (something like) “Never believe that small groups of committed individuals can’t achieve great changes – that’s the only way that it ever happens”.

    It’s no good activists simply exhorting others to action and holding the audience responsible for continuing to sit on their bottoms. The task is to find ways of motivating people to get up onto their feet. It’s often not easy but the challenge is ours, not theirs

  2. Ruth Harrison says

    Hi Miriam, I understand your feelings and don’t get too downhearted you are doing a lot more than has been done in the past. You are expecting a lot in a short space of time. People in general are busy (Don’t get me wrong I know you are too) and it takes time for people to get involved. It is just the way of things. People expect everything to be done for them. You are doing a great job and you know there is a need for what you are doing.

  3. Miriam Spiess says

    Thank you Bro Sheffield-Brotherton I needed to be snapped out of my frustration, your reply has provided me with some rejuvenated enthusiasm. As I mentioned in my post it is not like me to be all grumpy and cynical.

    Ruth thak you for reminding me that patience is not one of my strong points and something I perhaps need to work on a little harder.

  4. Paul Harder says

    You are doing a great job Miriam