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The PCAG Blog is both the voice of and the voice for Point Cook residents. It is not intended as a one-way conversation. PCAG will be using this forum to discuss current issues and hear what Point Cook residents want. Collectively our voice will be stronger and we can bring about positive changes for the betterment of the suburb and community as a whole.

We are asking residents to respond to the issues raised in the blogs (located under local issues on the PCAG website) so that we have well rounded community views on all local issues.  You can do so by “leaving a comment”.  You are not only restricted to commenting on the blog post itself, feel free to also respond to each other’s comments to keep the discussions going on any new issues raised.  It is through this kind of interaction that the true value of this resource will be realised.

Our only request is that you be polite, never criticise individuals and be wary of language that may be perceived to victimise or bully.  Please remember that it is OK to agree to disagree on occasion.  Comments will be moderated and those comments that do not adhere to these basic guidelines will not be accepted.  Please also note that moderation will occur via volunteers, so the wait time on comment approvals may vary.

PCAG is also seeking interest from residents and/or local business owners who would like to contribute as a Guest Blogger.  If interested, please check out the Guest Blogger Guidelines and submit your guest blogging request to

PCAG is tackling the issues that are most important to Point Cook residents.  At present they are:

  • Community Leisure –  Local leisure facility (including a pool), structured activities for youth and families
  • Education – Schools, kindergartens, childcare, school zones and general safety
  • Sustainable Growth – Urban growth, infrastructure and rezoning of “green wedge” land
  • Local Services – Attracting more essential services to Point Cook (e.g. need for another Post Office)
  • Neighbourhood Pride – – Rubbish, aesthetics, graffiti, road maintenance, community pride, hoons and neighbourhood watch
  • Responsible Pet Ownership – Off lead dog area, registering animals, signage and bins for animal waste and rights and responsibilities
  • Transport – Road, bike and public transport infrastructure and services
  • Social Activities – Developing a sense of community

By contributing to the on-line discussions and attending PCAG Meetings, you will be able to help shape the direction of PCAG and the issues that we take action on.