Snakes Are Also Residents In Point Cook

Image Courtesy of Impactiv8

Most people in Australia are well afraid of snakes.  This is with good enough reason – if you cross paths with one you might well be bitten and the consequences could be life threatening.  And did you know that if you have a pet that is bitten by a snake it could cost you between $4,000-12,000 attempting to save it’s life?

Long grass (particularly around creeks and open paddocks) are one of the natural habitats of snakes.  Owing to Point Cook’s geography, location and the relatively recent conversion of our suburb from market gardens to suburbia, it should come as no surprise that snakes are also residents in Point Cook.  In fact, they have been here much longer than both you, me and your neighbour combined (x10).  Therefore we should always be mindful of them when in their natural habitats, long grass in particular.  But also consider that they may choose to travel and have been seen in areas such as the Point Cook Town Centre, public parks and even in people’s properties (including houses).

Wyndham City Council is aware that snakes are a problem in our neighbourhood and have produced this handy resource as a reference for all residents: Snakes In Wyndham.  It includes valuable information, including:

In Wyndham the commonly found snakes are the Tiger Snake, the Eastern Brown Snake and the Little Whip Snake. The Tiger Snake is the most common snake in suburban areas, especially near water and more vegetated areas such as creeks, wetlands and native bush lands.

Download the Snakes In Wyndham document and give it a read and make sure that you follow their advice, particularly the following points in regards to preventing snakes from entering your property:

  • Keep grass and vegetation short and tidy.
  • Do not have piles of wood, tin or tiles near the house.
  • Remove all rubbish and debris.
  • Keep aviaries free of spilled seed which will attract mice.
  • Ensure that there are no gaps in or under your fences.

All of these tips have the added benefit of making our neighbourhood look even better!

But most importantly, if you come across a snake:

Keep an eye on it from a safe distance and do not touch it. Phone Wyndham City Council on 9742 0777 and a qualified snake catcher will attend and remove the snake. This is a FREE service to residential properties and can be used 24 hours a day, every day of the year (including Public Holidays).

Do not attempt to kill a snake to protect yourself!

All snakes are protected by law and you could face infringements or prosecution if you harm or kill a protected species.

Remember, most people are bitten when attempting to handle the snakes themselves!

If you have been bitten by a snake, seek immediate medical assistance.  Phone 000 for an ambulance and advice on what first aid can be applied.

Have you seen any snakes in Point Cook?  If so, what areas should we be most careful around.  Tell us in the comments below.