State And Federal Governments Continue To Ignore Wyndham’s Traffic Issues Despite Council’s Advice

I attended the WCC meeting on Monday and one of the items on the agenda was Traffic Volumes in Wyndham. The Council’s Traffic Engineering Unit prepared a report Review of 2011 Traffic Volumes in Wyndham, which identifies the roads that are over capacity or at capacity now. The figures are alarming to say the least particularly Table 4 on page 52 . Fifteen sections of two-lane roads have volumes above the nominated capacity of 18,000 vehicles per day.

No roads that were identified to be at capacity in 2010, and requiring upgrading, have been upgraded. All of these roads are Vic Roads responsibility.

Council’s own recommendations are as follows:

1. Receive the report Review of 2011 Traffic Volumes in Wyndham

2. Write to VicRoads requesting it undertake planning and obtain funding for the duplication of the following roads that are currently at or above capacity:

  • Forsyth Road, Old Geelong Road to Princes Freeway
  • Sayers Road, between Palmers Road and Derrimut Road
  • Point Cook Road, between Dunnings Road and Sneydes Road
  • Heaths Road, between Tarneit Road and Shaws Road
  • Palmers Road, Boundary Road to Dohertys Road
  • Derrimut Road, Leakes Road to Dohertys Road

3. Write to VicRoads highlighting the urgency for duplication of the following roads as of strategic importance:

  • Dohertys Road, Fitzgerald Road to Grieve Parade
  • Leakes Road, Palmers Road to Fitzgerald Road
  • Derrimut Road, Sayers Road to Dohertys Road

4. Write to the Premier, the Minister for Transport, the Minister for Planning and the Growth Areas Authority with copies to all local State Members highlighting: the VicRoads declared arterials within Wyndham that are operating at capacity/approaching capacity, the implications on development in Wyndham, and request that a planning and upgrade program be prepared urgently; no road upgrades have occurred on VicRoads arterials since 2010; and that Wyndham Council has upgraded Sayers Road (Derrimut Road to Tarneit Road) and prepared concept plans to duplicate Tarneit Road (Sayers Road to the Good News School) based on the same assessments and reports from previous years.

5. Write to the Premier and Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport requesting a meeting regarding the need for arterial road upgrades in support of general traffic growth and freight activity.

  • Write to RACV with a copy of the report, and arrange a meeting to discuss road funding of arterial roads in growth municipalities.

It is worth taking the time to read through the Minutes from Wyndham Council Meeting 27 February 2012 (page 29-70 are the relevant pages).

It is disgraceful that our Council are putting forward these findings and demanding funding year after year and State and Federal Governments continue to ignore the West.

The way I see it is we have two choices:

  1. Sit in traffic day in day out becoming irate while waiting for our Government to take responsibility……….. I suggest you don’t hold your breath (unless you are chocking in the fumes while sitting in traffic)……………. or
  2. Start writing to the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Prime minister, the Premier, the Minister for Transport, the Minister for Planning, the Growth Areas Authority, and State Members expressing the impact this is having on all our lives and how sick the West of Melbourne is of being ignore by all levels of government from both parties.

Council can only advise and have little power they will continue to get ignored unless we all stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Look on the bright side, if you have bluetooth on your phone you can start dictating your letter whilst on the way to work. At least you will have something constructive to do while you sit in gridlock.