Telstra Top Hat Brings More ADSL2+ Broadband To Point Cook

Many more Point Cook residents will gain access to fast fixed-line broadband, following Telstra’s upgrade of local ADSL2+ infrastructure.

Telstra is integrating new technology ‘top hats’ into the existing street cabinets that deliver telephone services to local residents and businesses. Until now these cabinets have not been able to support ADSL2+ technology due to physical constraints.

Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for Melbourne North West and CBD, Paul Harrison, said Telstra continues to invest in innovative communications solutions across the country to bring faster broadband speeds and improved technology where possible.

“The upgrade will support our customers’ growing interest in connecting up household communication devices to the internet so that they can enjoy information and entertainment on demand. The extra capacity will make it easier for households to stream video, access their favourite internet sites and work from home,” said Mr Harrison.

“In the past, to permanently increase the broadband capacity of a street side cabinet, we had to build another cabinet alongside the existing one.  This could take months of planning and network construction activities,” said Mr Harrison.

“The ‘top hat’ is essentially bolting ADSL2+ equipment on top of an existing street side cabinet. This means that we are able to quickly and efficiently make ADSL2+ services available to many Point Cook households and businesses that previously could not access a fixed broadband service.”

The installation of a top hat in Point Cook is part of a nationwide infrastructure investment where approximately 2000 top hats will be installed, which includes areas in Laverton, Tarneit, Werribee and Point Cook.

Telstra is also upgrading the transmission backhaul to these cabinets to Gigabit Ethernet backhaul which will remove potential bottlenecks in the network. This work will take place over the next 18 months.

Wyndham Mayor, Cr Kim McAliney said top hats will provide welcome broadband coverage to the area.

“The first top hat in Point Cook is a great start in providing better broadband coverage to the area. We look forward to Telstra switching on more top hats in Wyndham over the next 18 months.”

Point Cook residents can contact Telstra BigPond on 13 76 63 or visit the Point Cook Telstra Store at Shop 333 Point Cook Town Centre, 2 Main and Murnong Street for further information. Details of future areas to be upgraded with a top hat can be found on

The Point Cook Telstra Store will hold an event to celebrate Point Cook’s first top hat on Saturday 21 January at 10am until 3pm. Locals are encouraged to come down to the store, talk to staff and find out how the upgrades could benefit them.