URGENT Your Attendance Required At Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan Information Session – 5-7pm Tue 31 Jan

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UPDATE (3pm: 25 Jan): The GAA PCWP information session planned for Tuesday 31 January has been postponed.  No alternative date has been set as yet.  PCAG will be insisting that community consultation is still undertaken and advise of further details once known.  PCAG encourages you in the meantime to read the GAA documentation on the Wyndham C163 – Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan – PSP39.1 and submit your feedback to the GAA by their deadline of Thursday 16 February, 2012.

The Growth Areas Authority (GAA) have placed their proposed development of “Point Cook West Precinct’ (PCWP) on the internet.  This refers to the parcel of land bordered by Hacketts Road, Sneydes Road and the Princess Freeway.  ”

After a review of these documents, the Point Cook Action Group (PCAG) believes that this plan will put significant pressure on the suburb and could lead to a decrease in the standard of living and devaluation of house prices for the suburb of Point Cook.

With no plans in place for a school, only two open space areas (incorporating 2 AFL ovals and 6-12 tennis courts), not to mention the high density housing planned for the land and limited employment options, the proposal not only doesn’t suit the character of Point Cook, it overlooks that many of our community facilities are at capacity already and it does not address the needs of Wyndham as a WHOLE.

The report acknowledges that Point Cook already has a traffic congestion problem and that the proposed additional 5,800 residents (conservative figure) will “have significant impact on traffic congestion to the area”.  To reduce this impact, a diamond interchange providing access to the Fwy in all directions at Sneydes road is proposed, along with an additional freeway crossing to link with the Werribee Employment Precinct as part of this development.  However, there is no funding for either of these roads within the next 15 years!  This is not acceptable.  We need infrastructure in place prior to new residents.

Resident Tony Hooper said, “This proposal does not appear to look at what makes Point Cook, or Wyndham as a whole, a great place to live. There is nothing in this for existing residents or the new residents that this has in mind. Wyndham as a community has a unique charm to it. And we as a  community need to work together to ensure that charm isn’t lost. This proposal is certainly a step in the wrong direction.”

The Government is again planning on squeezing more people into Point Cook.  This ‘development’ brings with it:

  • More congestion to your roads
  • High density housing
  • Small blocks (200m2)
  • 5800 Residents

There are NO plans to address the already stretched resources:

  • Schools, Childcare & Kindergartens
  • Leisure facilities – such as much needed Pool
  • Roads & Transport

Are you happy for this to happen?

If your answer is NO to the above questions then you need to join us in conveying our objections to the Government & GAA by attending a public meeting to be held:

31st January 2012 at 5pm 1-21 Cheetham Street, Point Cook Town Centre (Library)

The government is planning on squeezing more people into Point Cook into the Hacketts /Sneydes Road precinct without providing vital amenities & basic services.  The “proposed” diamond interchange for Sneydes Road in the GAA report will not happen for another 15 years.  We are not prepared to wait another 15 years for an additional entry and exit to Point Cook.  We are not prepared to sit by and have the government dictate to us what facilities we can and can’t have in Point Cook.  We already have the support of local Council that this proposal is flawed (click here for further details).  Now we need your support to stop this development going ahead as planned.

Come along one and all; bring your children, parents, aunties, uncles & friends.  Stand alongside us, while we fight for the good of Point Cook.  We are your voice.

If you would like to assist us further prior to this meeting, please download and print multiple copies of this flyer and distribute it to all of your friends and neighbours, encouraging them to attend also.

Here is the link to find out more details about the Wyndham C163 – Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan – PSP39.1.  All Point Cook residents should read through the documents contained in this link to gain a greater understanding of the issues we are facing as a result of this proposal.  However, if you don’t have time to read these prior to the meeting do still come to the information session 5-7pm Tuesday 31 January, 2012 at Point Cook Community Learning Centre, 1-21 Cheetham Street, Point Cook.

We remind all concerned residents of Point Cook, that there is an Information session on the 31st January, at the Point Cook Learning Centre (the library) so you can see first hand what this proposal is about exactly, so we as a community can make some informed decisions on what we can do about this proposal.

UPDATE (3pm: 25 Jan): The GAA PCWP information session planned for Tuesday 31 January has been postponed.  No alternative date has been set as yet.  PCAG will be insisting that community consultation is still undertaken and advise of further details once known.  PCAG encourages you in the meantime to read the GAA documentation on the Wyndham C163 – Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan – PSP39.1 and submit your feedback to the GAA by their deadline of Thursday 16 February, 2012.

Let us know your thoughts on the propose Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan in the comments below.


  1. I would encourage people to talk to their neighbours and garner interest in this meeting. I believe it is vital that we as a community make a stand against this sort of development. We stand to loose much by the way of property values and livability if this goes through unopposed. As it stands the proposed development shows clearly to have no understanding of everyday life in Point Cook and the greater Wyndham area. These smaller lots create increased congestion and are unsightly. Further consultation with the community is imperative. Please show your support and attend the meeting.

  2. Gerrard Delvaux says

    My e-mail to the GAA:

    Dear Simon,

    After having reviewed the Point Cook West Draft PSP as well as the Point Cook West Newsletter available on the GAA website, I would like to provide comment as a concerned resident of Point Cook.

    Firstly, it has become evident through electronic social media and other recently published local print that many other residents of Point Cook have serious concerns with the aforementioned PSP documents.

    My specific concerns are the construction timing of the Sneydes Road / Princes Freeway interchange and the density of housing proposed. In order to gain my support for the development of the Point Cook West Precinct, the PSP would need to contain the following conditions of development:

    1. Phase 1 of the Sneydes Rd interchange should include construction of the bridge over Princes Freeway, a two lane surfaced connecting road between the existing Sneydes Rd and this bridge, as well as the city-bound on-ramp onto Princes Freeway. Construction of this first phase arterial must be completed for Statement of Compliance to be granted on the first housing (subdivision development) phase.

    2. Phase 2 of the interchange should include the continuation of the new Sneydes Rd alignment from the bridge to Hoppers Lane, as well the construction of the exit off-ramp for the west-bound Princes Freeway traffic. Construction of Phase 2 must be a requirement for Statement of Compliance on the second housing phase development infrastructure.

    3. Phase 3 of the Interchange could include the on and off-ramps on the western side on the interchange (for Geelong traffic). This would not affect me personally and a study of this need could be undertaken to determine the timing of this phase.

    4. Phase 4 could consist of doubling the lanes of the new Sneydes Rd alignment to provide 2 lanes in each direction. Timing should be driven by demand.

    5. I believe that the Housing Guidelines G5 and G6 in the Draft PSP are unacceptable. Average individual development densities should be stated in the PSP in dwellings per Net Developable Hectare (NDHa) – not indicated as a minimum of 15, with no maximum. Many Point Cook residents are objecting to the on-going increase of average housing densities within the Point Cook suburb with each new development. Point Cook residents are proud to live in a suburb with low housing density and this was the attraction for many who chose to invest in Point Cook. This important characteristic of Point Cook should not be damaged by the introduction of high-density multi-storey apartments, terrace housing and attached housing. There are many other suburbs around Melbourne that are characterised by these housing types and there is plenty of developable land to the north of Tarneit and Truganina where these housing types could be established if the demand exists. Point Cook should remain an up-market suburb that protects the investments of its residents.

    6. Medium-density housing could be accommodated in certain areas and close to amenities to a limit, and on a similar scale to what has been done in recent Point Cook developments such as Saltwater Coast, Alamanda, Featherbrook and Kingsford. An average ratio of Medium-density to Total Density for these latest developments could be used to determine how much Medium-density housing should be planned for the Point Cook West precinct and this ratio should be stated in the PSP.

    I appreciate that the PSP is still in its “draft” stage however the Vision and Objectives and lack of detail on important issues such as the arterials and housing densities have angered many Point Cook residents who will object to the development altogether unless major amendments are made. The frustration currently experienced by residents due to traffic congestion and lack of amenities in Point Cook is being fuelled by the perceived threat of conditions becoming even worse, without any guarantees of improvement. It would therefore be advisable to establish development conditions that immediately improve the existing problems in Point Cook before further housing can add to these problems and frustrations. There would be risks attached to large initial capital outlay, but these would need to be balanced with the increased demand for property that already has bulk infrastructure established.

    I trust that you will give careful and serious consideration to the above comments and I look forward to seeing an amended and improved PSP that will be more acceptable to the majority of stakeholders.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gerrard Delvaux

    • Hello Gerrard
      Please let me compliment you on your response to the GAA’s PCW PSP – I think you have captured the essence of our concerns most eloquently – with substantial research to support your arguments.
      One question, did you send a copy of your correspondence to Matthew Guy, Minister for Planning? I would advise you to do so, if you have not already.
      We are encouraging all to send their letters to the Minister directly while still including the GAA in copy.