Working Together – Support Councils Objection To The PCW PSP

I attended the Community Information Session on the Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan (PSP 39A) on Wednesday, 29 February and I was pleased to see council and residents working so well together. There was a real buzz in the room, we were all on the same side wanting the same outcome.

We must continue to work together to keep the pressure on. We can do this by commenting on the motion by council on the Council resolution opposing this Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan which was passed on the 27 February 2012.

What You Can Do To Help

It can be a simple letter stating which points you agree with and general reasons why. It is important to put it into your own words and then send the letter out to as many as possible.

For example:

To who it may concern

I wish to state that I agree with all motions raised in the Councils resolution opposing the Point Cook West Precinct Structure Plan in particular the first motion “address traffic impacts occasioned by the release of this land for housing, and in the context of Point Cook’s already strained road network”.

It already takes me 30 to 45 minutes to get out of Point Cook everyday and that is just to get to the freeway before I can even travel to work, adding more residents without addressing the traffic issues will simply create even further stress on a suburb in gridlock.

Bill Forrest, Director of advocacy for the Wyndham City Council, advises:

“I would encourage you to forward the Councils resolution opposing this precinct structure plan to interested friends and colleagues in Point Cook.”

A full copy of the Council report is available here – (refer p.82)

“It is not too late to submit your own views to the Growth Areas Authority. You can email your comments to and put “Point Cook West PSP” in the subject line. They need to be submitted by 7 March 2012. You can also forward a copy of your submission to Local State Members of Parliament.”

Who To Write To

Reponses should be sent by 7 March 2012 to Simon Cotterill, Structural Planning Manager, Growth Areas Authority, Level 29, 35 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000. Email:

Click here for contact details of Local State Members of Parliament to cc your response to, as suggested by Bill Forrest.  Don’t forget to also send to:

The Hon. Matthew Guy
Minister for Planning
Address: Level 16, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9938 5990

The Hon. Terry Mulder,
Minister for Public Transport
Minister for Roads
Address: Level 16, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9095 4330


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