Point Cook Action Plan Newsletter – May 2019

Curious about information on one of Wyndham’s main advocacy groups – then take this opportunity to read our recent Point Cook Action Group newsletter which outlines some of our programs.

Introduction: The Point Cook Action Group(PCAG) is pleased to announce that they have been very active in implementing projects that have been of benefit to residents in Point Cook including the highly successful Pop-up Park, Open Spaces and Anti Graffiti projects. The PCAG has also been very active in advocating for upgrades at key road intersections and for improving public transport. Other advocacy items have included the need for additional indoor and outdoor sports facilities. To further assist our current campaign a meeting has been organised with the local member for Altona, the Hon Jill Hennessy which will provide PCAG committee with an opportunity to advocate for additional infrastructure and services in Point Cook. Further details on key programs are listed below.

Pop-up Park update: The PCAG group were very pleased to support the second Point Cook Pop Up park in the heart of Point Cook. With over 271 events and activities run over 88 days, 194 of the activities were provided by local groups and businesses at no cost, there has been something for everyone including movies, live music, children, youth and health and fitness activities. Current surveys show that 62% of those who attend the Pop up park have made new connections and 93% of those surveyed also spend money in the town centre while they are there. This amazing collaboration included volunteer support and goodwill from our local community, local groups and businesses, Wyndham Council and Stockland. Funding was secured this year though Pick My Project a state government initiative. The park project was held from 14 January to 28th April. For further information please contact Susan and Sara via pcpopup1@gmail.com or pm the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/

Point Cook/Sneydes Road update: Considerable progress has been made on an advocacy campaign to upgrade the intersection of Point Cook and Sneydes Road. An upgrade of this intersection is urgently needed as there have been a number of serious accidents as well as lengthy delays in the movement of traffic. The campaign has involved mailing out 500 postcards to the Minister for Road Safety which has resulted in a high profile first page newspaper article in a recent edition of the Star Weekly. A video has also been prepared by local youths advocating for an upgrade of the intersection. 
Our Mission Statement:- Point Cook Action Group works to strengthen our community through positive advocacy and by initiating and supporting local projects. 
The PCAG is awaiting news for funding from the state government. Further information see our Face Book page – fb.com/PointCookActionGroup or contact Bob 0409 252 872

Indoor Sports infrastructure and Swimming Pool Request: Point Cook Action Group made a submission to last year’s Wyndham Council budget planning for a public swimming pool and indoor recreation centre. We believe that the needs of Point Cook’s growing, diverse population are not being met particularly for those who do not want to play football or cricket or who find AquaPulse and Eagle Stadium difficult to access from our area without a car. It would appear that the logical solution would be to incorporate such a facility in one of our new schools so it could be used for vitally important swimming lessons during school hours and by the community at other times. Our submission has been put forward again this year and we have been informed that the needs of our area in WCC Aqua Strategy has been reviewed. For more information please contact Christine via the Point Cook Action group Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PointCookActionGroup/

Wynbus Update: An exciting new initiative for establishing a bus on demand pilot project has recently received funding from the Pick My Project grant scheme. This project will involve the introduction of new bus routes for new estates not currently serviced by the existing bus services and more frequent trips are available for commuters. The project also has the benefit of reducing dependency on station car parks. Negotiations are currently underway with potential bus operators and with Public Transport Victoria.

Skatepark Update: The redevelopment of the skatepark in Boardwalk Park Point Cook is something we have been consulting with the Council over many months. ‘Council is expanding the Point Cook Skate Park at Boardwalk Park in Point Cook to include an area for beginners and intermediate skaters, appealing to a greater number of skaters and scooter riders. This is a project in our opinion which is long overdue for the youth of our area. Construction is anticipated to be happening July – October 2019. So please get involved in the process if you want to help shape the final plans.

Point Cook Open Spaces is a community-based group whose stated aim is to Protect, Improve and Enjoy the open spaces within Point Cook. Over the past few years the main activity has been running litter clean-up days on most months, with some re-vegetation work on a local wetland. Plans are in-hand to increase the planting activities over the next few years, and also to seek sponsorship to run community events on some of our suitable open spaces. Events being considered include jazz afternoons in a park, pop-up markets, different food cuisines, and busy-bees spent improving park appearance. For up-to-date news, join the Point Cook Open Spaces Facebook group, or phone Bruce on 9394 8385.

Anti Graffiti Update: The anti graffiti group has been working on its own and in conjunction with the council tackling any graffiti occurring locally. For any graffiti that the group cannot tackle we would urge residents to email graffiti team graffiti@wyndham.vic.gov.au or via their 24 hour reporting line 8734 2709 to ensure quick removal. Wyndham City does supply free of charge antigraffiti kits from it’s depot on the Old Geelong Road. Going forward we will be looking for volunteers to help paint the newly constructed sound wall on Palmers Road where the road and bridge has been expanded. As soon as we hear from Civilex we will share the information. For more information contact Paul or Susan via the Point Cook Action group Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/PointCookActionGroup/