Well that’s a wrap! 90 days and over 273 events and activities, literally 100’s of locals contributing time and goodwill to provide this free resource to our community and local traders. This was a year of advocating, campaigning for funding, planning and project management. We hope you

enjoyed it as much as we did? What’s next……? Well, we need to do a narrative and ensure we acknowledge all the contributors and analyse all the feedback and learnings so we are clear on the impacts…..what works and what didn’t. Understandably our team is rather tired and needs to recharge and see where to from here. In the meantime enjoy the pop up pockets tha

t have been created at Stockland Point Cook town square, basketball park, target quadrant and at the lovely @Point Cook Community Centre Hub and library….lots of lovely little spots to enjoy….💚💚💚💚💚💚 Thank you Point Cook and surrounds community it has been a pleasure 

Awesome memories from PCPOPUP2019 with grateful thanks to Pick My Project, Wyndham City Council, Stockland Point CookPoint Cook Action Group , CoLocal and the local people, businesses and groups of Point Cook and surrounds. Sara Mitchell & Susan Mcyintyre (PCAG Members) are the organisers of Point Cook Pop Up Park project.  For more information please refer to https://www.facebook.com/PCPOPUP/  or  https://www.pointcookpopuppark.com.au/