Highlights of the Media coverage of “PCAG Budget Submission” for 2019 in ‘Star Weekly- Wyndham’ magazine. Thanks Star Weekly Team

Source – https://www.starweekly.com.au/news/roads-transport-top-wish-list/

Residents have asked Wyndham council to take action on roads, public transport and police numbers as part of its annual budget.

Councillors attended a meeting last week to consider public submissions to the 2019-20 budget. Other matters raised included cycling infrastructure and a request from the not-for-profit Kulture Hive for the council to develop a hub for youths planning to start a creative business.

Bob Fairclough from the Point Cook Action Group (PCAG) requested capital works funding to upgrade the intersection of Sneydes and Point Cook roads.

He said PCAG welcomed the $250,000 already allocated in the budget for design works at the intersection.

Mr Fairclough also asked the council to address subsidence issues along Sneydes Road.

“They are really bad, it’s like a roller-coaster ride and we reckon it won’t be long until there’s an accident because of that,” he said.

Another member of PCAG, Senthill Sundaram, asked the council to establish regular forums on public transport and community safety, to advocate for issues including more police in Point Cook.

Another Point Cook resident, Ashok Kumar, asked the council to build a recreational and aquatic centre in the suburb, a topic which has been raised in previous years’ budget submissions.

Two members of the Wyndham Warriors BMX club made a presentation for funds to upgrade the club’s driveway and carpark at its Glen Orden wetlands track.

They said that in winter, the area became “very muddy and impractical” and made it difficult for riders to access the site.

A group of commuters who travel on bus route 498 asked the council to help address overcrowding on the service.

Wyndham mayor Mia Shaw said although some of the budget submissions related to state government decisions and funding, the council would pass the ideas on to local politicians.