Point Cook Action Group (PCAG) has been established to advocate on behalf of residents of Point Cook, with the objective of gaining quality facilities and infrastructure required to maintain and improve the standard and quality of living in the Point Cook area.

We believe a strong sense of community to be important and we will endeavour to create bonds of social cohesion between residents, local businesses and service providers.

Our Strategic focus objectives

Youth – engagement with youth including a youth center and activities/entertainment

  • Public/Private swimming pool and sports/arts activities
  • Advocate a skate board park for our youth
  • Happy smiling people in community spaces (shared)
  • Strong Inter-generational relationships

Safety – increased sense of personal safety in Point Cook

  • Revitalized town centers
  • Strong Advocacy with council, clubs, state/fed govt/business on specific issues
  • Community safety through links with neighborhood watch
  • Happy smiling people in community spaces (shared)


Including traffic & roads (better access/exits), public transport, improved parking at railway stations, ridesharing, active transport (walking/bikes/bike parking),

  • Sustainable living, travel, waste, energy
  • Sneydes Road ( road repairs, re-alignment, traffic lights)
  • Point Cook road duplication

Community Pride – welcoming, creating a sense of pride in Point Cook

  • Sustainable living, travel, waste, energy – Recycling/Transfer station at RDF
  • Establish a Pop-Up Park at the town center
  • Undertake a number of clean up days and tree planting events
  • Create a better sense of pride for Point Cook – Anti-Graffiti project
  • Participation – a large active membership.

Communication with the residents of Point Cook

  • Provide regular updates on face book
  • Organize information sessions at public events
  • Other initiatives that will involve local community e.g. Pop-Up Park project, Wynbus, etc